Stan Gilliam, Visual Artist
This page is a work in progress.  Please excuse any inconvenience, and come back soon!

I’ve done a lot of things since I started thinking of myself as an artist about 50 years ago. This is not the place to write an autobiography, but in summary, I’ve tried my hand at drawing, painting, film-making, cartooning, illustrating children’s books, calligraphy, exhibit design, photography (darkroom and digital), silkscreen, sculpture, and now, building a website!

I suppose I’m ADD! I also am somewhat afflicted by the balance, or should I say tug-of-war between my right brain and the other one. So sometimes my work is analytical and sometimes emotional, but mostly mixed. And sometimes it creates confusion in the minds of my viewers!

On the analytical side, I did a project of documenting the wildflowers in central and western North Carolina and creating a Powerpoint presentation containing about 450 species. (Although I had a website touting this work, which was available for purchase on a disc, there were not many sales, and the amount of data on the disc made it unwieldy and glitchy, so I took the website down.) The early photos in this series were simply documentary, but as time went they became more self-consciously artistic.  That's how I think of my subsequent work with wildflowers as well as cultivated flowers, taken  in my studio or in the field.

More evidence of my ADD is my amateur musical activity. I studied piano as a teenager. Later I took up guitar, banjo, upright bass, and fiddle. I’ve composed fiddle tunes, “folk” songs, classical chamber music, and jazz pieces. Along the way I have made a tiny amount of money selling art and playing music.

Since taking up digital photography in 2004, I have shot thousands of pictures, but it is prohibitively expensive to display large numbers of these in galleries. Therefore I have chosen this internet option to create my own on-line galleries. More images from the various stages of my career will be added as time permits.

This website is a work in progress. Please come back later!