Stan Gilliam, Artist

I have done a lot of things since I started thinking of myself as an artist about 55 years ago.  I have drawn cartoons, made pottery, painted realistic and abstract paintings, illustrated children's books, taught at two colleges, made wood-based mixed media constructions, and, especially in the last fifteen years, made digital photographs.

And in 2020 (TA-DAAA!)  I am designing this website, which is not easy for a geezer like me.

Launching into the digital world has given me the opportunity to post my work on line on the USDA Plants Database and on BugGuide, where I have placed more than two thousand photographs of creepy crawlers and fliers.  Quite a few of my shots have been published.

I don't want to go too far into ancient history, so I'm just posting the  kinds of things I've done in the last 25 years.   I'll be posting more of my Mixed Media work with prices soon.

I also plan to post more photos with a pricing plan for different sizes.The photos will be shipped rolled in sturdy cardboard tubes, allowing patrons to be in charge of framing.

While you are here on my website, I invite you to look at my recently self-published books as well:  Characterology and The Highwayman.  Click "New Books" on menu.

You may email me at: