Stan Gilliam, Artist

Stan Gilliam, Artist

About Mixed Media

"Mixed Media" can refer to any sort of materials to compose or fabricate a work of art such as a collage or montage. In my case, it means objects primarily of wood, with additional materials such as plastic, metal, or glass.

But the wood itself is mixed too.  It could have been newly purchased lumber, old scraps, fragments of furniture, twigs, or firewood.  Woods such as redwood, maple, oak and cedar are combined in various ways. Almost all the wood elements have been painted, but there are a lot of naturally finished pieces as well.  And most of them have been cut, shaped, carved, drilled, sanded, or sawn by me with various woodworking tools. 

Prices include shipping within the USA.  

The "Homage to Turner" series  (I, ii, and III) are to be sold as a set for $1,000.

CAUTION:  These pieces are not protected by a frame or glass, but are like wall relief sculpture, protruding up to three inches from the wall.   I have tried to join the pieces firmly together with nails, screws, and glue, but there remains a certain fragility, so it is possible to damage them if they are not handled carefully.  Corners and surfaces can be dinged or scratched, and some parts can be knocked off.  Unfortunately I cannot be held responsible for any damage caused after they are sold. They come ready to hang on a STURDY nail or other hanger appropriate to their weight.